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“You know how generous people often give CDs, IRAs and mutual funds to their grandchildren, churches and charities? I help those people. I show them how life insurance is a wiser way to make charitable gifts. Do you know anyone like this?”

This answer sometimes ends with silent suspicion. They’re scared I’ll try to sell them something if they speak. Let’s pretend this person is unafraid of a follow-up question! He says, “So you’re an insurance salesman.” (accusative tone impossible to miss! 🙂

“Absolutely Right! Though I prefer Your Legacy Advocate. I’m an advocate for those who can’t speak for themselves, like your children, your spouse, your Church and charities. I’m your Legacy Advocate too– since YOU will leave a legacy. I help people super-size a more thoughtful legacy. You know people who want to do this don’t you?”

Now, if I’ve talked too fast, or their mind drifted, they’ll say something like, “Uh, do whut?” and I’ll say “Do you know people who want to leave a wise legacy for their heirs?”

Of course, doesn’t everyone? He’s thinking, but he might not ask. “Why life insurance? What’s life insurance got to do with my legacy?” Well the answer is…

Life Insurance is simply an amazing tool. It multiplies money like nothing else. What can take an average health 50 year old lady’s $1,000,000 charitalbe gift, and turn into $3.2 million? By 70 her single premium of $1,000,000 more than doubles to $2.4 million — and her death benefit is now $4.2 million.” Better health buys more, and a 2nd-to-die policy with husband, sister or child leverages that original $1 million far more.

Life Insurance is a wonderful multiplier for charitable gifts. CDs can’t do this. Neither can bonds, mutual or money-market funds. Oh yeah, life insurance skips probate court delays, attorney fees and income taxes. Those other investments usually DON’T.

“There’s much more to say, of course, but we’ll stop here for now. My vision is to attract, inspire and serve generous charitable givers. Millions of assets sit parked in taxable CDs, money market and mutual funds generous people plan to give to their children, spouse and charities anyway. I want to stir them to action, inspire them with a bigger vision of what’s possible, so they give more wisely! What a joy and blessing for their heirs and world. Until then – be generous. Give and it will be given to you.”


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